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Alpha Sigma Kappa is a social sorority for technical majors. We are a group of young women supporting each other through a sisterhood. We accept undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics and the Sciences. Support is essential while pursuing a degree in engineering, mathematics, or any other technical major because we all meet the same challenges. We encourage friendship - between you and your fellow sisters, fellowship - helping others, and commitment - to yourself and the organization.


Welcome to our newest Sisters of our Alpha Omicron Class!
Congrats to our new Alumnae!
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Also, visit Triangle Fraternity, our male counterparts.

"It helps to know that you're not alone in any kind of a struggle, that someone understands and may be able to guide you. It helps when there's a roomful of people around who are offering you a place to meet, on a regular basis, to study, to get to know each other, to have fun. It helps to know, that even if you've been working by yourself on homework, because that's how you work best, or even if you've decided that a club meeting or going to the store tonight takes precedence over studying, you know that a lot of people with similar interests are gathered in a certain place and can be reached if you need them."
After all, this is what we're all about.
-N. Lynn (Ghose) Cabrera, Beta Chapter Founder


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